Plat-Map Service
for Google Earth®
EarthPlat is a new plat-map service for all 67 counties in Florida that displays parcel boundaries and property data for over 10 million parcels on Google Earth®.
Search Over 48 Variables
Using our extensive search capabilities you can locate properties meeting your specific criteria. (ex. all 4 bedroom houses built in 1978 that have sold in the last 6 months)

Android App Now Available

To download EarthPlat FL Android application, click here.
iPhone/iPad App Available
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EarthPlat Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are EarthPlat's system requirements?
EarthPlat is best viewed using Google Chrome. (However, most other browsers are currently supported!) EarthPlat also requires Google Earth's plugin to be installed on the client's computer. You can test the Google Earth plugin here.

2. What if I have problems viewing EarthPlat or Google Earth®?
Please verify that you are using Google Chrome or IE 8 and higher. If you are having issues with Google Earth Plugin, make sure you have installed the plugin. If you have decided to use IE8 or higher, make sure you have "allowed" IE to run the plugin. Although, Chrome is highly recommended...

3. Is EarthPlat available for my mobile device?
Yes, EarthPlat does have mobile apps available for the Android/Android Tablets and iPhone/iPads. EarthPlat FL provides you property information on location using your phone's GPS, in real time for the State of Florida.

For the Android/Android Tablets go to: Google Play
For the iPhone/iPad go to: iTunes App Store

4. When will my credit/debit card be charged?
There is a 7-day Free Trial period. To use EarthPlat, you will need to meet the system requirements, and register for a free account. Your card will not be charged until your trial period has ended.

5. Is there an additional charge for the app?
No, the app is a free download from the store and in order to use it you must purchase an EarthPlat subscription for $9.95/month. Your subscription allows you to use EarthPlat on your desktop and 2 mobile devices.

6. What is the advantage to having EarthPlat on both my desktop and mobile device?
EarthPlat FL provides you property information on location using your phone's GPS, in real time for the State of Florida. You can drop pins while in the field for further research back at your desktop or you can drop pins on your desktop to get driving directions while on location. This automatic synchronization of your pins allows for a user-friendly experience.

7. How do I cancel my account?
You will not be billed for EarthPlat until your 7-day free trial ends. After your 7-day free trial period ends, the credit card you provide will automatically be charged US $9.95 (plus applicable taxes) per month. You can cancel any time by clicking on "Account Information" and log into your account. Once into your account, scroll down until you see the Auto-Ship Order and under that tab select the Stop Future Billing action button. You will not receive any future billings.

* EarthPlat is free to use for a limited time. After the free trial expires, continue using EarthPlat for $9.95/month (or the current subscription fee).